Hiro + Wolf

Inca Blue Hands Free Coupler Lead by Hiro + Wolf


Hiro + Wolfs hands-free coupler lead is a must-have for every dog owner who needs that extra bit of convenience. This multi-purpose lead is a handy tool for almost every situation. Similar to the café dog leads, but much longer so it can attach around your body for easy walking and jogging sessions with your pup.

With two metal hoops and the double-ended lobster clasp design, the coupler lead can be used in even more various ways. The sturdy hoops allow for two lead length options – a standard length for freedom of movement, or a shorter length for training such as heel work. If you have two dogs, slip one end through a metal hoop to turn it into a double split lead. You can also use it for a hands-free stroll by hooking the handle around your bag so you can chat on the phone, carry shopping, or pick up doggie mess with ease. Like the ‘Classic Dog Leads’, you can even clip the lead around your shoulders when your furry friend is playing in the park, ensuring you never lose a lead again!

Handmade in England by Hiro + Wolf using strong polyester webbing and hand-illustrated fabric. Made using high quality lobster clasps with a spring-close gate for extra security. Suitable for all breeds – large, small, and everyone in between. 

Designed and Handmade in England



Across Small Body: 130cm (excluding body strap)

Across Large Body: 100cm (excluding body strap)

Coupler Style: 2 x 115cm (makes two leads with handle)

Unclipped including hardware