Natural Hound

Natural Hound - Dog Coat


Lined with New Zealand wool your hound will be sure to be warm this winter.

Billy has used coats for a number of years on his team of working dogs, so we have worked hard to create what we believe makes the 'ideal coat'. If your looking for a smart looking, warm and practical coat you have come to the right place!

  • Lined with a 600gsm woollen blend felt so that your dog will stay warm, yet will still breathe
  • Splash proof 12oz canvas outer
  • A strap around the girth held together with a buckle.
  • Adjustable neck strap to make for a quick on and off process
  • Choose from 5 sizes


Weights are a guide only and we highly recommend measuring your hound before purchasing!

*measure the length from the bottom of the collar.

Extra Small

(approx 4kg - 7kg)

Length: 36cm

Girth: 35cm - 65cm

Neck: 25cm - 35cm


(approx 13kg - 18kg)

Length: 49cm

Girth: 60cm - 80cm

Neck: 35cm - 45cm


(approx 18kg - 25kg)

Length: 54cm

Girth: 65cm - 95cm

Neck: 40cm - 60cm


(approx 25kg - 30kg)

Length: 59cm

Girth: 65cm - 95cm

Neck: 40cm - 60cm

Extra Large

( approx 30kg - 35kg)

Length: 64cm

Girth: 75cm - 100cm

Neck: 45cm - 60cm