Evie Kemp

The Hound - Evie Kemp


Inspired by her darling Italian Greyhound, Jasper, who passed away in January, 2014, 'The Hound' is Evie's celebration of sighthounds and everything about them. This is the most personal portrait Evie ever made, he was all the colours in her world.

All prints are fine art reproductions of original pencil and ink works by Evie Kemp. Digitally colouring her drawings enables her to get incredibly vibrant shades, that coupled with the expressive line creates a striking and unique piece of art.

Printed on beautiful, 250 gsm, finely textured, chlorine free white paper made from FSC certified well managed forests. The prints are printed using vivid, archival quality inks. Prints are open edition and are signed and dated in the bottom righthand corner.

The unframed prints are available in these sizes: