Eight Paws
8 Paws was born out of a passionate dream to give dog and cat owners unparalleled access to the most exquisite artisan and designer pet products from New Zealand and beyond. Imagine a world where every wagging tail and purring companion enjoys the luxury and craftsmanship of the finest pet goods available. At 8 Paws, we scour the globe to bring you a curated collection of premium, stylish, and unique items that will delight both you and your furry friends. Elevate your pet's lifestyle with the elegance and charm that only 8 Paws can offer, where quality meets love in every product we handpick.

New Instore

Beco Pets
Save the Bees - Pet Bowl from Beco Pets
Cloud 7
Doggy-Do Bag in Wool Felt
On sale! $39.00 $30.00
Cloud 7
Hyde Park Collar in Black from Cloud 7
Cloud 7
Pouf YETI from Cloud 7
Back soon
Cloud 7
Dog Basket Lazy Maple from Cloud 7
Cloud 7
Dog Carrier in Heather Brown from Cloud 7 - Large
cloud 7
Dog Collar Tiergarten Peach from Cloud 7
Cloud 7
Blomen Nature Collar from Cloud 7
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