Nite Ize

NiteHowl Rechargeable LED Safety Necklace 0 Disc-O Select


Every pup deserves to shine—and with the rechargeable NiteHowl they can. Providing a customizable fit and full 360° of light around their neck, NiteHowl is the perfect addition to every nighttime walk, backyard hangout, or adventure. Simply press the button on the water-resistant housing to bring the vibrant colors to life. Featuring Disc-O Select technology, you can illuminate your canine companion with color-changing Disc-O mode for a beautiful color blend, or choose from three selectable colors of red, green, or blue. NiteHowl quickly recharges via micro USB (not included) in 1.5 hours, ensuring your pup can keep shining night after night.

For a perfect custom fit, simply cut the flexible polymer to size and slip around your dog's neck as an eye-catching addition to their collar.



  • Rechargeable Disc-O Select technology features three selectable colors of red, green, and blue, or color-changing Disc-O mode
  • Disc-O mode features unique color-blending pattern
  • Easily slides over your dog's neck as a bright addition to their existing collar
  • 360° of illumination
  • Weather-resistant
  • Cut-to-size customization for a perfect fit
    • NiteHowl: Cut to fit from (30.5cm - 68.5cm)
  • Recharges using micro USB cable (not included)
    • NiteHowl recharge time: 1.5 hours
  • Run time:
    • NiteHowl: 5.5 hours

Note: This product is not a chew toy

Know your dog and choose the appropriate type of product to prevent choking or other harm. Observe your pet's behavior with the product for suitability. Some products may be inappropriate for your pet.

Supervised use only.
Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury. Discontinue use if damaged. Never use a damaged charger or attempt to repair product yourself. Not for use during containment or crating. If you think the portion of the product containing the rechargeable battery has been swallowed, seek immediate vet attention.