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Dog Raincoat Dublin Slate from Cloud 7


Soft and velvety yet highly waterproof raincoat for dogs in timeless dark grey. Made with high content of recycled materials, a dynamic fit and clean design ensure comfort for the dog.

  • waterproof dog raincoat
  • taped seams to enhance the protection from wind and rain
  • belly cover for extra coverage
  • reflective detailing for safety even in low light
  • optimal fit for big and small dogs
  • extra long and flexible two way zipper for collars and harnesses
  • practical wear system
  • dog raincoat from recycled materials

    For all dog sizes from Chihuahua, Pug, Vizsla, Ridgeback or Shepherds: the Dog Raincoat Dublin offer dogs of all sizes, an optimal fit without interfering with the natural movements. A rain coverage for dogs in a dynamic design with materials from the latest technologies. The tailored-fit dog raincoat is made with 70% recycled materials complete with polyurethane waterproofing membrane to wick moisture that comes in contact with the soft and velvety jacket away. The reflective, extra long and double zipper allows easy accessibility to all types of collars and harnesses underneath the dog jacket. Whereas the elastic cord near the rear prevents the dog raincoat from moving around during plays and runs.

    Thanks to the dog raincoat, dogs could be safely protected from wind and rain during walks and rainwater won’t get onto the walls back at the house. Also available in a tailored-fit variation for Dachshunds.


    70% recycled polyester, 30% polyester, polyurethane membrane


    Delicates or wool Cycle 30 degrees with mild soap, and dry when dripping wet. Please close all velcro and zippers before washing. No chemical cleaning and do not tumble dry.


For correct measurement please measure the pure back length.

All sizes in cm.

* Weight in kg.
** Measure back length from the lower edge of the collar to the base of the tail (with the dog's head raised and the collar loosely worn).
*** Measure chest circumference at widest point.
2 2 - 5 30 - 35 40 - 48
4 5 - 8 38 - 43 52 - 59
6 9 - 14 46 - 52 62 - 70
8 16 - 23 56 - 62 74 - 82
10 27 - 35 66 - 72 84 - 94
11 32 - 40 71 - 77 90 - 100