Cloud 7

Riverside Park Leash from Cloud 7


Like all Cloud7 dog leashes, the RIVERSIDE PARK is handmade. A particularly soft and robust greased leather was used for the material, which gives the leash a refined look with its filigree braiding details and high-quality metal parts.

Due to the integrated intermediate rings, the leash can be adjusted to three different lengths and can be comfortably worn over shoulder and hip during a walk. Over time, the oiled leather develops an unmistakable natural organic gloss. 

- Designed by Cloud 7 Berlin

- Handcrafted

- Genuine cowhide leather

- Solid brass hardware


Regular greasing helps to keep the leather soft and supple.

All sizes in cm.

* Line adjustable to 3 lengths.
S 225 1,0
L 225 1,4