Hiro + Wolf

Wizard of Dog Cafe Lead by Hiro + Wolf


Hiro + Wolfs go-to lead for coffee dates and lunchtime socials, the café lead is a must-have for every dog owner. Created to make your outings easy and carefree, simply hook the handle around the chair or table leg. Have safe and secure control without the need to hold, stand, or sit on your dog’s lead in public spaces. Handmade in England using strong polyester webbing and hand-illustrated fabric.

With two metal hoops and the double-ended lobster clasp design, our café lead can be used in even more various ways. The hoops allow for two lead length options – a standard length for freedom of movement, or a shorter length for training such as heel work. Fully extend the lead for extra length, which is great for off-lead training. You can also use it for a hands-free stroll by hooking the handle around your bag, for example, so you can chat on the phone, carry shopping, or pick up doggie poop with ease. Like the ‘Classic Dog Leads’, you can even clip the lead around your shoulders when your furry friend is playing in the park, ensuring you never lose a lead again!

Made using high quality lobster clasps with a spring-close gate for extra security. At approximately 2cm wide, it is suitable for all breeds – large, small, and everyone in between. The fully extended length of the lead is approximately 46 inches.



Clipped including hardware

Unclipped including hardware

Care: All Hiro + Wolf Collars and leads are durable and washable. Hand wash using a mild detergent and warm water, rinse well and remove excess moisture with a dry towel, making sure to dry off leather pieces thoroughly. Leave to dry naturally.