Hiro + Wolf

Wizard of Dog Classic Lead by Hiro + Wolf


Get your paws on Hiro + Wolfs strong and stylish dog lead, handmade in England by passionate dog-lovers. Your puppy or dog will go mutts with our fashionable pet accessories, created with their needs in mind. Designed to last, these leads withstand ruff and tough pulling and all sorts of weather. Made using exclusive, hand-illustrated fabrics, constructed with durable webbing and nylon thread stitching. The solid metal hardware will help to ensure your lead will never break during a walk, with the extra-secure lobster clasp for harness or collar attachment.

For your comfort, the fabric is soft and supple, so you can feel comfortable even on the longest of walks. One of our favourite features on our leads is the metal ‘poop hoop’ on the handle, allowing you to tie up your poop bag instead of carrying it. The poop hoop is also fantastic for those moments when you’re chasing that fly-away tennis ball across the park. Simply slip the lead around your shoulders, attach the clip to the hoop, and VOILA! No more lost leads. You can run and play with your pup under the sun without a care in the world.

Hiro + Wolfs Classic leads are approximately 105 cm long  giving your dog the freedom to move whilst it being short enough for absolute control. The lead is approximately 2cm wide, making it suitable for all breeds – large, small, and everyone in between!



Clipped including Hardware

Care: All Hiro + Wolf Collars and leads are durable and washable. Hand wash using a mild detergent and warm water, rinse well and remove excess moisture with a dry towel, making sure to dry off leather pieces thoroughly. Leave to dry naturally.